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Father Thomas' Biography

On behalf of ST. MARTHA CATHOLIC COMMUNITY, I, Fr. Thomas Frederick Ma. Asia, would like to welcome everyone to this great FAMILY OF FAITH AND LOVE.  Indeed, "God embraces us All".  Here at ST. MARTHA CATHOLIC SCHOOL, I would like to invite everyone to feel at home, to be informed and get involved in our children's learning process, so that we can transform EVANGELIZATION into ACTION.  Be an active part of the Body of Christ the CHURCH and the School, so that together, we can be united and be living witnesses of the Gospel.  Our school is the best when it comes to teachers, facilities and students.  Our Students excel both in academics and faith in action.  We have excellent Teachers and Sisters of the Love of God.  Enroll your kids at ST. MARTHA CATHOLIC SCHOOL and leave a legacy of good and holistic faith in your children's lives.  In our hearts, May JESUS and the BLESSED MOTHER MARY find a HOME.

Fr. Thomas Frederick Ma. Asia, ordained priest for just over 25 years now on the 11th of December 1998.  His journey to the faith and priesthood started when he was young.  The FAMILY is indeed the FOUNDATION OF EVERY VOCATION.  Having explored his place in this world through various activities and ambitions led him to meet a wonderful community of Priest and Brothers called the MARIAN MISSIONARIES OF THE HOLY CROSS.  Being involved in Youth Apostolate and Prison Ministry opened his understanding of the Church and its teachings.  Now as a Priest of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, he is more involved in the life of the Parish, the Youth and Young Adults, the RCIA, the School with the teachers and students, make him more aware of God's plan for him.  Fr. Thomas enjoys preaching and being able to share the Joy of the Gospel with all the parishioners and holds a Special devotion to Our Lady and St. Martha.  For him, everything is GRACE.  And the words of St. Peter come alive, "Lord, to whom shall we go, we believe and are convinced that you are the Christ the Son of the Living God".

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