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St. Martha's School Community is committed to the development of the whole person. The faculty and staff strive to achieve this by cultivating truth, identity, respect, service, and the love of God and others. Students are nourished by a strong sacramental and liturgical life in the faith-filled environment where Jesus is the center and model for Christian Living. 

St. Martha’s School acknowledges and respects that parents are the primary educators of their children. The school acts as an extension of the home and enhances the values and behaviors that are first initiated in the home. We form a unique partnership with the parents. With them, we share an important goal: to provide for our students an education devoted to academic excellence and committed to Catholic values and ideals.

We believe that the specific function of the school is to educate the students to accept/realize that each person is created by God with special gifts and talents - regardless of race, creed, or ethnicity -, is capable of choosing right or wrong, and is destined for a final goal, eternal happiness.

To meet the immense task of educating the whole person, we view education not only in terms of developing proficiency in academics and skills, but also in terms of enabling our students to become mature, responsible members of society in a constantly changing world.


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